Do you have military training and experience or just want to take on a new task and protect your fellow man at the same time? You may want to explore a career in private military companies that act as active troops but handle their own affairs without government interference. Many of these companies often work alongside the military to aid in security and peacemaking procedures. In this article, I will tell you a little about a few military companies and how to get a job working for them.


Aegis is a security firm that’s based in London but they have divisions that are spread out all around the world. Aegis is basically a collection of all sorts of security services bundled into one. They offer consultancy, maritime security, bodyguards, special training, and much more. They offer their services to many governments around the world, including the UN and US. You can find their application form along with other important information here:

AirScan Inc. Airborne Surveillance and Security Operations

Some of you may want to serve in a private military company but to specifically work with airplanes. After 9/11, we need experienced personnel to protect our airways and defend this great nation from those who wish to do it harm. AirScan Inc. is the leading provider of that defense, now celebrating their 20th anniversary, as they offer their services to individual clientelle which are usually rich businessmen or politicians. AirScan Inc. strives to keep an eye out for any and all dangers that may threaten their customers and defend them when necessary.

AirScan Inc. also serves our nation by fighting abroad alongside our active troops. When our country needs it the most, AirScan Inc. and its vital employees swoop in to keep the skies clear of all enemy combatants. By working at AirScan Inc., you’ll be making a difference while experiencing a wonderful thing that few ever get to see. AirScan Inc. can be summed up by reading their own mission statement:

“We provide experienced personnel, proven equipment, and innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures to create a system capability that plans, executes, and supports the finest tactical airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in the world.”


So far I’ve told you about a couple of military companies but I haven’t told you how to actually get a job with either of them. That’s because all of these companies have a few things that are similar or even identical that will allow you to land a job with any of them.

1. Experience

While not required, private military companies would rather hire people who have already gone to war and learned how both war and the military works. Experienced personnel would be cautious in dangerous areas and already possess a lot of the essential training to become a soldier. If you don’t already have experience in the military, there are courses that you could take, but nothing makes up for the real thing. Experience isn’t necessary to get a job with one of these companies but it certainly helps.

2. Motivation

Private military companies, as well as the actual military, want their employees to be motivated and to take action to accomplish their tasks without having to be told. A motivated employee will work his or her hardest to achieve their goals. If you’re not already motivated, then find something about this career that excites you and hold onto that. Really, though, if you’re not already motivated, then what are you doing reading this article?

3. Competence

One of the biggest things in any military situation, as well as any job in general, for that matter, is competence. No one wants to hire some fool that can’t do his job without being held by the hand. Employers want employees that can use their own imagination and personality to do whatever it is that needs to be done.

How To Be Prepared

Start working out now so you can be prepared for the intense training that you’ll go through when you land a job at a private military company. If you’re not used to working out then just take it slow to begin with and increase your workout over time. A good 30 pushups, 45 situps, and a 15 minute jog is a great start to any exercise regiment. Each Monday, add another 5 pushups, 10 situps, and an extra minute to your jog.

Keep in mind that it’s not just a physical thing that you need to accomplish but rather a mental thing. Training yourself mentally to relax and focus on the task at hand will excel you in not only working at a private military company, but also any other venture you put your mind to. I’ve found that tactical games often help adjust your mind in a way that allows you to see the world strategically and to make wiser decisions. Do whatever it is that works for you to focus and think clearly. Your job at a private military company will be very stressful at times and you’ll need to be able to cope with that stress and work with it.

Hopefully by reading this article, you can now go out and get a job with one of these great companies that provide a useful and crucial service to every single one of us. Without companies like this, we would probably lack many of the freedoms we still enjoy today. By joining arms with one of these companies, you can use your unique personality and experience in the field to further the cause of independence, freedom, and security for everyone you know. Be proud, be safe, and make a difference.

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